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Did You Know 75% of Indian Desk Workers Are Adopting AI to Drive Productivity?

At the end of the day, productivity matters! Sticking to old styles only to prove human intelligence isn’t a choice! New tools and technologies are popping up every single day, and you should learn how to make better use of them. Making use of automation and AI to drive productivity is a great choice amid the constant fear of losing jobs. According to a recent report by Slack, Indian organisations that have enabled AI in their everyday work are 53% more likely to report increased productivity compared to those who have not. Nearly 75% of Indian workers are taking advantage of artificial intelligence to increase their productivity.

Fast Facts:

  • 91% of employees reported that by using AI tools, they saved 3.6 hours per week in India (according to the State of Work report by Slack).
  • 75% of Indian workers are adopting AI to drive productivity, making the country one of the global leaders in artificial intelligence adoption.
  • 53% of employees are likely to report a prominent increase in their productivity.
  • According to Indian workers, flexible work schedules are one of the best supports for their increased productivity.
  • 36% of surveyed workers also prefer a flexible location and unique workplace benefits.
  • Indian desk workers who feel their productivity has increased are 13% more likely to be able to focus.

India Can Be the Leader in AI Adoption

Based on the survey, where more than 2000 Indian desk workers were surveyed, AI and automation have the potential to efficiently streamline and optimise time-consuming repetitive tasks and let employees focus more on higher-value strategic work.

Slack technology evangelist, APAC, Salesforce, Derek Laney said, 

“The findings in the State of Work report reaffirm the transformative impact of AI and automation on employee productivity. The Indian market is enthusiastic about adopting new technologies to work smarter, more efficiently, and pleasantly. Through the strategic utilisation of intelligent tools and the optimisation of processes, we can create an environment where employees thrive and make meaningful contributions.”

Indian Desk Workers Can See Hope in New Ways of Working

In this era of hybrid work, Indian workers prioritise flexibility and an environment of inclusivity and collaboration. They prefer a workplace setting that can empower them to perform better and maintain a proper work-life balance.

  • Workers surveyed in India say that flexible work schedules are the biggest support from their employers that can increase their productivity.
  • Globally surveyed workers say that flexible locations, unique workplace benefits, etc. can also help them enhance productivity.

Adopting AI to Drive Productivity, But Barriers Are Still There

  • Only 19% of globally surveyed employees encourage asynchronous work. For example, when it comes to sharing status updates,
  • According to 35% of globally surveyed employees, they need to spend a lot of time in meetings, and that is challenging in terms of increasing productivity. Even 43% of their meetings could be eliminated without any real harsh consequences.

Employee Well-being Still Matters and Will Matter Forever

Only adopting AI tools to drive productivity isn’t the solution; job satisfaction, engagement, and the mental health of employees still matter. Employers and leaders should be careful about these factors and think about how they can refine their work culture to drive productivity.

  • 94% of surveyed employees in India say that feeling happy and engaged at work is also one of their key productivity-driving factors.
  • 53% of employees say that they feel pressured to reply to messages quickly, even when they have spent enough time on work.

Managers Have Newer Duties with Priority

Managers are responsible for shaping the work culture in an organisation. They should be equipped with the right skills, tools, and team wellness support to enhance productivity and efficiency. Despite adopting AI to drive productivity, managers still face challenges in establishing a healthy and productive environment.

  • Surveyed managers say that helping their teams have a good work-life balance is still a barrier.
  • Knowledge workers need to spend a lot of time in meetings and emails.
  • 43% of managers find it hard to keep their teams motivated.


Adopting AI to drive productivity is a great step, and every organisation should think about it. However, it is not the sole factor that can transform your organisation’s productivity level. Employers and leaders still need to take care of the mental health, wellness, and work-life balance of their employees. Creating an environment of support and collaboration is key to keeping employees happy and engaged at work.

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