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How to Be Happy Again?- 5 Science-Backed Practical Tips for You

Life has put you in a phase where you need the help of the internet to be happy. You are not alone in going through such a hard phase. It takes time to overcome challenges or things that are stealing your positivity and happiness. Sometimes, we cannot change our surroundings due to undeniable reasons, but that should not be a barrier to our happiness. Today, we will discuss some science-backed tips that can help you how to be happy. If you can train your mind to be happy, you can transform the quality of your life, improve relationships, and even be more successful.

Science-Backed Tips on How to Be Happy

Due to constant negative experiences, our minds often start to look for errors and problems that can lead us toward a pervasive pessimism. Being happy doesn’t only make us feel better; it also improves our overall health. When we are happy, we can eat better, sleep better, and be more active. The state of happiness leads us to healthier behaviors, control blood pressure and even excess body fat. All these can lower the risk of stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

Focus on Your Strength

First, you need to identify your protective character traits. For example, if you feel happy and focused while being creative, you should save some time for it. If it is not possible to do creative things every day, you can try it for a few days a week. However, there should be a clear goal, and you should train yourself to be consistent to achieve that. Read a good book, paint, cook, take care of your plants, or do anything creative that keeps you busy and happy.

Practice Gratitude

You may have heard many times that to be happy in life, we should practice gratitude. Practicing gratitude doesn’t take much; it is as simple as counting your blessings. You can start by counting three things that you are thankful for having. Doing it on a regular basis can train your mind to focus on the positive. This is a proven technique that can fill your life with positivity and limit the scope for your mind to look for problems or negativity. You will find that many old people are happier as they remember the good things and forget the bad.

Build Retrospective Judgement 

This is another less celebrated technique that can train your brain to be happy. It’s all about putting a positive spin on negative past events so that you can remember them as a good thing. It is a very effective method. Many times, we feel sad when we remember past events when we were humiliated or betrayed for no reason. Such past moments can destroy your present, and if you get trapped in those moments and pain, it will be very hard to come out. So, make little changes in your everyday practices and concentrate on the good. You will feel blessed and happy.

Build an optimistic Mindset 

You have to see the good amid the challenges. You need to keep hope alive. We know that when the world around us is failing, it is hard to feel optimistic and hope for the best. However, you should believe in the power of positivity and keep expecting things to get better. Optimism is a great tool that can keep you happier. Even in an army camp, leaders teach soldiers to be optimistic, as it makes them feel good and happy, and to believe in their strength. Developing an optimistic mindset overnight is not possible. You have to practice this little thing on a regular basis, and slowly you will be able to have a positive mindset.

Journal Your Thoughts

Sometimes, we cannot express what we feel. In a peak emotional moment, we often say many things to people we should not. Not everyone should know your vulnerable side or weaknesses. You will definitely share your sadness or concerns with your friends and family, but exposing your weakness at an adult age isn’t always wise. So, what can you do here? You can start writing down your thoughts. You can do it on a regular basis.

It is not that you have to write only about problems; you can also write about happy moments and other details of the day. Later, when you read your journal, you will realize what is making you vulnerable or triggering you to be sad. You know that famous quote by Charles Kettering, “A problem well stated is half solved”. It is also applicable to our lives, especially when we find ways how to be happy.

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These are the top 5 ways how to be happy, recommended by experts and backed by science. If you want to train your mind to be positive, you have to do it on a regular basis. Developing a positive mindset is not an overnight thing. You have to make efforts toward it on a regular basis. Once you turn it into a habit, you will automatically keep doing it. At the start of your day, close your eyes for a while and imagine a beautiful day.

Hurdles will come, and you will overcome everything, but don’t lose hope. We know saying these words is easy, but maintaining them every day amid extreme stress is challenging. You should try your best. If you feel too overwhelmed to handle it alone and be happy again, take the help of a professional mental health coach. Eventually, you will be on the happy track in your life.

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