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7 Strong Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating on You: Be Aware

Everything is there, but something is missing. Something has changed. You are not seeing the sparks in your partner’s eyes for yourself. I can feel you! I know how bad this can feel. Infidelity is traumatic! It’s extremely hard to get over it and make your relationship work again.

According to the recent General Social Survey (GSS), men are more likely to cheat compared to women. Nearly 20% of men and 13% of women reported having had sex outside of marriage. These stats can make us think twice about love, relationships, and commitment. Unfortunately, there are some common signs your spouse is cheating that you should be aware of. It is also true that there is no way to stop a person who wants to cheat. But definitely, there are ways to save your life and get out of a relationship that is not meant for you.

Key Points: 

  • If one strongly feels that his/her partner is cheating, they might be right.
  • People who cheat generally tend to improve their appearance, hide their phones, change their normal schedules, and become emotionally unavailable for their partners.
  • Also, some people start lying randomly about every little matter that is not even related to their extramarital affair.
  • All of these signs are alarming. However, a person with all of these signs may not be cheating on his/her partner.

Some Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating on You

During our research, we have found that keywords like “physical signs your wife is cheating” or “physical signs your husband is cheating”, etc. always have high volumes. It means so many people are getting through a hard situation. Or maybe some are trying to figure out whether their partners are loyal to them or not. Below, we have listed some common signs your spouse is cheating. Give them a quick read!

1.Increased Interest in Appearance

Taking care of the look and overall health is a good sign. Every person should take care of themselves first. However, a sudden increase in self-care, along with other suspicious behaviors, can be one of the signs your spouse is cheating on you.

Other appearance-related signs of cheating can be:

  • Dressing nicer than normal
  • Suddenly opting for different styles
  • Wearing clothes or carrying accessories that you have never seen

2. Changes in Communication

A breakdown in communication is never a positive sign, whether your partner is cheating or not. For a healthy relationship, a healthy communication routine is very important. If you feel that they are slowly disappearing when it comes to spending time with you or communicating with you, think about it. A cheating partner may refuse to listen to or respond to you. He/she may always be looking for ways to hide from you.

Some other signs are:

  • Stroms off without a word
  • Tries to change the topic
  • Refuses to answer questions
  • Makes accusations
  • Blame you for their fault
  • Maintains a passive-aggressive manner

A weird fact is that if a person is cheating, he/she may talk in a lower voice. So, the human voice can be a key factor or a cheater detection tool.

3. Secretive Phone and Computer Use

Cheaters tend to use their phones or computers more than before to protect things that might reveal their wrongdoing. If you find that your partner has suddenly changed their devices’ passwords or is hiding devices unnecessarily from you, be aware. Also, if your partner suddenly starts deleting messages or clearing their browser history on a daily basis, that can be a sign of what you are suspecting. Be careful about the new changes in your partner; that can say a lot.

4. Unreachable for Certain Times

If you find that at certain times your partner does not receive your calls or answer text messages but doesn’t give any valid explanation for that, be careful. “Too much work pressure”, “the boss was there”, “client meeting”, “network issues”, “internet issues”, and so many other buzz words cheating partners may throw around. Keep a close eye on any sudden changes in their work schedule or lifestyle.

5. Lack of Interest in Intimacy

Lack of interest in intimacy is one of the most prominent signs your spouse is cheating on you. A secret affair is brewing somewhere. Most people who are in monogamous relationships expect their partners to show some interest in them. If that interest or spark has gone, think about it. Also, take care of the health of your partner, as certain physical or mental health conditions reduce the desire for intimacy, and you may feel left alone.

6. Random Lying 

Dishonesty is a red flag in any relationship. Many cheating partners keep lying about every single thing to manipulate the other person. There is no limit to lying in them. If you find that you are asking the same thing more than once and the answers are different, it’s easy to understand that something is going on behind your back. If your partner is lying and you can feel it, then ask the same thing in a different situation and check their answers. But did you know people who have cheated on their partners can be better at detecting lies and deception themselves?

7. Unexplained Expenses 

If you find that your partner is suddenly hiding his/her expenses or budget management details from you, it can be a sign that not everything is going well. If odd changes take place on your partner’s credit cards or suddenly your partner’s bank accounts have less money, be cautious. Also, check how your partner reacts when you ask about these expenses. Most of the cheating partners become angry or say it’s about violating their privacy. If his/her behavior has changed and you can’t relate anymore, take time to think about it.

“You Are Insecure”—Most Cheating Partners Hide Under It

If you have found many signs your wife is cheating on you or signs your husband is cheating on you, they won’t accept it easily. Cheating partners always prefer to hide their extramarital affairs and continue the marriage. Very few have the courage to speak the truth and come to a solution. So, whenever you confront your partner, he/she can become aggressive and start blaming you as an “insecure” person. Be ready to see the harsh face of your partner, who was once in great love with you. Cheating is a mistake, sometimes a choice. However, if two people choose to stay together, no third person can come between them.

Don’t rush to any conclusions too soon and create fake scenarios in your mind that can hurt you. Don’t feel that you are less; that’s why your partner has chosen another one. Cheating is a matter of their dignity, not yours. Life is beautiful, and a cheating partner can’t set how you will live your life.

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If you find strong signs your partner is cheating on you, don’t sit idle with the information. If you don’t feel like confronting your partner right away, talk to a friend or a family member. Relax yourself first, gain strength, and then face the harsh reality. Someone has cheated on you, but that doesn’t mean you have failed. Life is not always as we want, the universe may have a different plan for you, embrace it. Get a life where happiness does not depend on another person or a partner.

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