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10 Habits That Make You Gain Weight Unknowingly

Old habits are comfortable but hard to break. Weight loss is a journey where you need to take care of every detail of your life. There is a lot of stigma around weight gain, but it can be caused by many things beyond just what you eat. Factors like genetics, habits, lifestyle, medications, etc. can directly or indirectly contribute to your weight gain. Being a little conscious can save you from repeating bad habits that make you gain weight.

Today, Menteblog will talk about some habits that make you gain weight. Once you identify those habits and find ways to overcome them, your weight loss journey can become easier than ever.

Surprising Obesity Facts in America

  • According to the CDC, as of 2022, nearly 22 states had an obesity rate of over 20%. Even seventeen states have an obesity rate of more than 35%.
  • According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, more than 42% of adult Americans suffer from obesity, and 30.7% are overweight.
  • The southern part has the highest prevalence of obesity.

These stats are shocking. In such a situation, health awareness is a massive measure that can prevent one from getting obese. Having a balanced diet and regular exercise can help people avoid gaining excess weight. However, you know, it’s often the little things that pack on the pounds. and that’s why it’s important to be aware of the habits that make you gain weight.

Habits That Make You Gain Weight

Here are ten habits that make you gain weight unknowingly. Read these habits and correct them now if you have any. 

Eating Too Quickly

Nowadays, we are busier than ever and often tend to eat meals too quickly. According to research, people who eat quickly tend to gain more weight and become overweight or obese. When we eat too quickly, our body doesn’t get enough time to signal the brain that the stomach is full. Thus, we consume more food than is required, even without feeling full. Such a habit, in the long run, can make us gain excess weight or fat. If you are a quick eater, be conscious of it, take small bites, chew slowly, and enjoy your food.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Not drinking enough water makes your body dehydrated and leads to excess weight gain and other health diseases. Not drinking enough water often makes people thirsty, and it is often taken as a sign of hunger or food cravings. On the other hand, drinking two cups of water right before breakfast or any meal can reduce one’s calorie intake compared to people who do not do the same.

In order to stay hydrated, take only plain water. Beverages with sugar can do more harm than good. However, adding cucumber slices or lemon to plain water with a little salt and without sugar can be a great beverage idea. Apart from satisfying your thirst, such drinks can make you feel refreshed.

Sitting for Too Long 

According to research, adult individuals in Western countries sit for 9 to 11 hours a day. However, sitting for long periods of time may seem apparently harmless; however, in the long run, it can make people gain weight and increase their risk for chronic diseases and early death. People who have desk jobs often suffer from back and shoulder aches, muscle stiffness, and fatigue. They also gain weight faster than people whose job does not include sitting for a longer span of time.

So, if you need to sit for too long, take shorter breaks, use a standing desk to work for a while, walk regularly, and do exercise before or after work. If you invest your time and dedication in your health, your returns will be more than satisfying.

Having a Lack of Sleep 

Did you know over a third of Americans don’t get enough sleep? A lack of sleep is connected with excess weight gain. A lack of sleep can increase stress and create hormonal imbalances. These two aspects can affect nearly everything in your life. People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to gain visceral fat. Having more visceral fat may lead to harmful diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and so on.

In order to lose excess weight faster, you have to take care of your sleep. Have at least seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. During the daytime, avoid sleeping for more than 20 minutes. If you need to stay awake at night for work, have uninterrupted sleep for 7–8 hours at any time of the day.

Not Eating Enough Protein 

A lack of protein in your everyday diet may make you gain excess weight or fat. Protein is an important nutrient that can help us stay fuller for longer while eating less. Protein signals the body to make more fullness hormones such as GLP-1, GIP, peptide YY, etc., and less hunger hormones like ghrelin. A protein-rich, balanced diet can help you boost your metabolism and preserve muscle mass. These two factors are crucial for maintaining a healthy body weight. So, take care of your protein intake and have protein-rich foods like fish, meats, eggs, chicken, lentils, green vegetables, tofu, and so on.

Having Large Plate Meals 

The size of your meals could have a significant impact on your overall body weight. It is one of those habits that make you gain weight. Generally, we tend to eat more food when it is served on larger plates, as we can’t realize our food intake in this way. According to a study, people who eat from larger plates consume 16% more calories per meal. The larger plates make us think that we have taken less food, and thus we keep eating more without realizing it.

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Not Having Healthy Snacks Handy

Many people who started their weight loss diet plans often pause them because they don’t get the required snacks during times of hunger. Without any doubt, hunger is a major reason behind excess weight gain. When we are hungry, we tend to eat larger portions of food. On the other hand, hunger can increase our cravings for unhealthy foods. So, keep healthy snacks handy to combat hunger and reduce cravings for unhealthy foods. Remember, keep your snack intake in check. Eating too many healthy snacks may affect your weight loss journey.

Not Eating Enough Vegetables and Fruits 

Fruits and vegetables are rich in beneficial nutrients and low in calories. So, next time, when you feel hungry in the daytime, have a small bowl of your favorite seasonal fruit. People who eat more vegetables and fruits are more likely to have an ideal body weight. You can add fruits and vegetables to your breakfast, prepare veggie sticks for lunch, add chopped vegetables to your evening soup, and eat vegetable-rich stews at night. This way, you can sort out the weight loss game and notice results within a shorter span of time.

Having Irregular Mealtimes

Discipline and punctuality are the keys to winning in every aspect of life. It also applies when we try to lose weight and live a healthy life. Constantly having irregular meals for a longer span of time can be harmful to your overall health and waistline. People with irregular mealtimes often feel more hungry and eat more food without realizing it. Also, they have a higher risk for chronic diseases such as heart disease, metabolic syndrome, poor blood sugar control, insulin resistance, and so on. Irregular mealtimes can affect your body’s internal clock and affect digestion, mood, and your overall lifestyle.

Eating with No Limit on the Weekend

Many people say that one day a week is a cheat day, and you can eat anything on that day. This is partially true; every weight loss enthusiast should understand the actual scenario here. After a long week of diet and exercise, we may feel cravings for eating at restaurants or tasty dishes at home. If you are eating more food and being less active at weekends, it may contribute to your weight gain. Eat whatever you want on weekends, but make sure it is healthy and free from sugar. Also, try to avoid too-oily foods, junk foods, alcohol, etc.

The Bottom Line

So, as you can see, with just a little awareness, it’s easy to identify the habits that make you gain weight and correct them. Ditching the habits that make you fat isn’t hard; start with a strong will and practice the right things for a few weeks. Soon, you will be on a healthier track and notice satisfactory weight loss. Simple lifestyle changes can transform your entire life and let you live a healthy life. If you are healthy from the inside, it will reflect on the outside; you will be doing well everywhere. Losing excess weight is all about careful consideration, control, and consistency.

That’s all for today; stay tuned to Menteblog. We will come back with more exciting blogs and news. 

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